When is being a loser a good thing? (weight Loss)

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Exercise & Weight Loss Program

Successful losers:

Have you ever heard the term successful people? Yes, you must have. But, have you ever heard of successful losers? Hmmm, you might not have because successful losers are not as common as successful people who lose.

For me, being a successful loser is a feeling of joy and happiness. I lost way too much in my life by being over weight and unhealthy, I also lost so much time searching and looking for the perfect solution, I gained the most important thing in my life. Do you have any idea what I lost & what I achieved during my weight loss journey?

The term successful loser defines those who fought their battle against unnecessary weight gain, ill health remaining of the diet merry-go-round.  They ended up winning the battle by losing all these things from themselves & become most attractive, healthy & confident. They are successful losers in this world & they have the most important achievement in this world “Good Health”.

Shortcuts vs Lifestyle

In the past 50 years, the world has discovered hundreds of new ways of losing weight without putting in the effort. But a large chunk of health professionals still believes that the key to health is not some quick weight-loss surgery but to adopt a lifestyle of living a healthy life. When you start treating yourself by incorporating a healthy routine, your body automatically optimizes itself to optimum functioning making you feel good, stay healthy & maintain much higher energy levels. Attaining such a lifestyle requires you to be good at your choice of eating & to do something which is outside your comfort zone. Going for surgery to lose weight may help you become slim in the short term,  but you will gain the weight when you return to your normal routine as well as experiencing the same emotions you never dealt with in your life. On the other hand, if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you are going to have better success as well as results that will be far more long term than you think.

A Case Study:

According to the National Weight Control Registry maintained at the University of Colorado more than 3,000 individuals have lost more than 30 pounds with the help of exercise all of them have kept it off for more than a year. But amazingly, the average weight loss is 60 pounds, and the average maintenance is six years. They did it by just adopting the healthy lifestyle of eating good & doing exercise daily for few minutes every day,  even just walking in many cases.

Why do we need to talk?

As I said earlier, when you have excessive fat, you are accompanied by low self-esteem. This leads you to feel lesser of yourself It can also come with physical health challenges. It can also keep you from striving to reach your goals in life. you can’t lose weight & blah blah how many times have you heard this in your life?. The problem is that you cant lose weight if you don’t understand yourself and your body,  you need someone like me to coach you who knows the science of well-being as well as the mental connection to struggling with weight all your life. I know I can teach you, guide you & motivate you to start doing things for your benefit and well-being.

We at deeperstate.com help people in their journey of becoming the best version of themselves. Our experts guide people just like yourself to guide them to reach their goals of good health as well as teaching them how to achieve their weight loss goals. . We will give you a regular dose of motivation & energy as well as an education on how to be in control of your body via your mind. Our program will keep you motivated and help keep start focused on your goals and not fall prey to low self-esteem and cravings. Hundreds of our clients changed their lifestyle with the help of our expertise & now it is time for you to take some action about your health. Book a complimentary strategy callwith us by clicking here & let us guide you to become a successful loser.

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All the best to you, 

Michael Almaraz CHT, NLP, Rp

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