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by | Jun 5, 2012


Deeper States Wellness Store

At Deeper States Hypnotherapy we have always believed that our customers and quality are job one, we put that same belief in our products.

All of our therapeutic CDs are studio quality and used by our clients to guide them into deep states of relaxation, also known as the Alfa and Theta, sometimes even the Delta patterns where the brain allows for change to happen, I invite you to use our CDs to assist you in making the changes you so desire in your life. But first ask yourself, “Am I ready for change now?” If your answer is yes then our CDs can help you reach your goals and become smoke free, lose weight, and even stop cravings for sugars. We are also able to a create personal custom CD for you. Call today should you have any questions about our CDs.

As you browse our store you will also find our line of 100% pure soy candles, they are fragranced with essential oils and have been created to smell great as well as be therapeutic in nature. Their aromatherapy blends will assist you with reaching your goals. Visit our natural vegan soap, it is the best you will find when you need a soap that is pure and full of lather as well as therapeutic in nature. .

Our CDs and Candles make great gift for the people you love in your life. Feel free to E-mail or call our office with any questions and don’t forget to ask about having your very own CD created with your own personal suggestions.

Best Wishes, Michael Almaraz CHT,RP

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