Gift Certificates

by | Jun 9, 2012


Hypnotherapy Gift Certificates

Our hypnotherapy gift certificates are great for any occassion. Simply choose the amount the amount you’d like to spend and you’ll be redirected to Paypal for payment.

Gift certificates are available in several denominations and hypnotherapy sessions vary to keep the cost of this fantastic service affordable for everyone.

Please be sure to include a shipping address when shopping via Paypal. Thanks and best wishes!

Los Angeles Hypnosis Gift CertifocateHypnotherapy as a Gift?

There isn’t a soul on Earth who doesn’t know someone who could benefit from hypnosis. We all know someone with an addiction, depression or anxiety, de-stressing, or someone who wants to gain back control of their body weight. So really there isn’t a more perfect gift certificate you could buy someone.

All hypnotherapy gift certificates are exchangeable, so if your recipient is afraid of alternative treatment like hypnotherapy, they can exchange it for CD’s on our website or give them to someone else as a gift.

Whatever the occasion or event, hypnotherapy gift certificates are the perfect way to tell someone you care. Buy yours today!