Sensory deprivation float tank


I found out about the sensory deprivation tanks in the early eighties when I first moved to Los Angeles and knew this was one of those things I had to experience in my life.

I had a few moments of free time just before one of my life coaching clients and somehow went on the internet and found this place in Venice, California by the name of Float Labs. I then started reading about the owner and how he was getting ready to move to a much larger location in the Beverly Hills area so I bookmarked the website for future reference.

So as I get through my busy schedule and finally have some time for myself, I went back to the web site and read about how it seemed to do wonderful things for people such as: allowing them to have out of body experiences, some described feelings of hypnosis, and some just felt relaxed. Well, as some of you know, my business Deeper States Mind and Wellness has flourished and I was long over due for a get-away. So, I figured even if I just can get the two hours of relaxation from the experience, I would be happy with that and anything more would be just great.

I had a friend of mine  come and enjoy the experience with me and he agreed to set up our adventure only to find out there would be a three week waiting period. But it was well worth the wait. Our day finally came as we arrived to the location in Venice, California. We parked and went up a stair well to find some guys laying out enjoying the sun and asked if we were there to float and directed us to the waiting area. We were then asked if we needed to use the restroom because we would be in the tank for a good hour and a half. The experience would not be a good turn out if you had to use the restroom within that time period.

We then took a seat in the entry of the office on a big black leather sofa as we waited for the owner, Crash. He then arrives and talks to us about how the water is thick and heavy as it is filled with something similar to Epsom salt, and that the water is purified to be 99.99% free of everything but salt. He proceeded with further intruction about not getting the water in your ears because it will harden and you will have trouble getting the salt out. So he will then give a pair of ear plugs to prevent any of the salt water from entering. He explains the shower process which you would have to take before you enter the tank. You would wash yourself with soap and shampoo that smells like peppermint clearing your mind and you would have that tingly feeling across your whole body. As you finish your sensational shower and with your ear plugs already in place, you are ready to enter the tank. You will take a 2nd shower at the end of your experience to rinse any salt that’s on your body and around your ears.

They will then lead you to the tank and preparation area, where he shows you how to use the shower and how to open and close the tank. He tells you all of this because he leaves the building and locks the door behind him so you are all alone and no one can hear you and you will have no outside distractions. Not much larger then a New York City Hotel bathroom the float tank is a very confined space so, if you have any phobias or fears about being in the dark or small humid places, this is not the right find for your zen moment.

After my shower, I opened the tank and immediatly could feel the humidity in the air, I walk into the darkness of the tank and close the door behind me. I can feel the water just right above my knees and about half way to my waist. I start to lay back and right away my body starts to float.

About 15 minutes has passed, and I’m already in a full relaxing mood. I remember I kept opening my eyes and trying to look around the tank, thinking to myself, “Why do I keep trying to open my eyes, it will always be dark”. At that point I remember feeling like I was falling asleep and losing awareness of my surroundings. I do remember bumping into the sides a few times and thinking, “Wow! This is such a surreal feeling.”

I then started to think about my legs and felt as if they started hanging off my body and hitting the bottom of the tank. I remember reaching down and feeling my calves to verify that I had not sank to the bottom but i was still floating. I had the same feeling with my buttocks at some point. I also had a few moments where I could hear myself snoring but being very aware of the floating feeling, much like hypnosis. I remember thinking, “Wow, this will be a fantastic way to insert a suggestion about growing my business as well as my personal life.” But every time I would try to add my own suggestions into my self talk, I would find my mind fading into a into a feeling of self evaluation of my physical and emotional feelings.

I did this float for a hour and a half and it felt as if I had been in the tank for about 30 minutes. I would have to say that I really enjoyed having this bodily experience. Was it a world changing event? In my opinion no, but when I left the tank I did feel great and in a way out of reality and very disconnected. The next time I do this, and I am sure it will be soon I will rent it for a four hour session. I would love if the tank had a way to pump an audio hypnosis session allowing me to create some therapy using NLP programming as well as hypnosis. It would be like a re programming of the mind in a self hypnosis condition in the final brainwave state, the delta state. Delta is where brainwaves are of the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency. They typically run around a range of 1.5 to 4 cycles per second. Or dreamless sleep. Typically, 2 to 3 cycles a second.

It is a well known fact that humans dream in 90 minute cycles. When the delta brainwave frequencies increase into the frequency of theta brainwaves, active dreaming takes place and often becomes more experiential to the person. Typically, when this occurs there is rapid eye movement, this creates active dreaming, also known as Rapid Eye. I look forward to experiencing this again soon and at that time I will be sure to let you know how it is or is not different.
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Wishing you love, prosperity and happiness.

Michael Almaraz CHT, NLP, Rp