Interviewing with confidence

by | Dec 10, 2015

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How Does theDSCN0340 Interview Begin?
A person draws an impression about another in the first 30 seconds of the meeting.
Moreover, some hiring professionals believe that in the first ten minutes, the candidate is mentally “hired or not” and the rest of the interview is spent on giving the interviewer rationale for his decision..

Therefore, there is a basic interview etiquette expected by applicants. These manners are used to determine how one will respond to the workplace atmosphere.

For example, let’s look at the very first bad impressions people usually make:

  1. Being late: Rushing in at the last minute or arriving late to the interview.
  2. Appearance: Too casual in appearance, messed hair, wearing wrinkled or sloppy clothing and wearing inappropriate shoes.
  3. Very first impression: Rude or short with the receptionist upon announcing their arrival.
  4. 2nd first impression: Do not greet the Interviewer or do not introduce themselves.
  5. Manners: Automatically sitting upon entering the interview environment without invitation.
  6. Interruptions: Keep checking cell phone, excusing to take a call.
  7. Focus: Inattentive, looking around, fidgeting, and checking the clock.
  8. Being tired: Appearing to have just awoken, or not slept well.


Do you feel nervous during the interview even when you know you are right for the job?

Perhaps you have been out of work for a while and now you have that great opportunity or break you have been waiting for?

Our interview with confidence download will help your unconscious prepare you mentally,  it will take you back to a time when  you had perfect success in your employment wants and needs. It will  create triggers between your thumb and pointing finger that will fire off sensations of relaxation,  confidence and security in your nervous system as you go in for your interview, which will in turn lead to a physically calmer you.

Remember your mind is like a gym work out, the more you listen to the programs the more they will help you reach your goals..

All the best to you,

Michael Almaraz CHT, NLP, RP