NLP Sales Mastery Programs

by | Jun 28, 2019


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Would you like to learn how to cultivate language patterns to help you sell?

Would you like for your clients to feel great after they buy your products or services?

Did you know you can learn to use language to evoke an emotion?

Would you like to learn how to appeal to your clients emotion?

Would you like your customer to find reward in what you are selling?

Our program will HELP YOU accomplish that and much, much more.

Hypnotherapists Michael Almaraz and Christian Pierce will assist you in learning hands-on tools during our one-day workshop that will guide you down the rabbit-hole of persuasion sales. In this one-day workshop, you will learn what you need in order to be able to have the ability to use language patterns to sell with trust.

Some of the topics covered in class will be:

1: What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

2: How to use the Communication Model.

3: Master the art of learning to read your client.

4: Learn how to formulate language patterns for influence.

5:  Understand how your clients operate on an internal level.

6:  Learn how to read Non-Verbal commands.

7:  Learn how to build and establish rapport.

We are excited to help you reach a much higher earning potential while still keeping your integrity!