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Hypnosis Weight Loss Programs

April 12, 2017


Please call us at (562) 426-6884 to learn more or to enroll in any of the weight loss programs below.

Effective Weight Loss

Our programs in Long Beach are designed to accommodate your busy schedule, while providing the treatment you need to lose weight. We offer group and individual weight loss sessions, Our private programs include a FREE Fitness Evaluation, a complimentary weight loss mp3 and one-on-one interaction with a certified hypnotherapist. Other sessions include Stress Reduction, Stop Smoking, and Private Sessions.

What Our Programs Include:

Below is a brief outline of what’s included in our weight loss programs. Each case is completely different, so results may vary. For example if you were referred by a friend who needed to lose 10 lbs and lost every pound in a few weeks, you can’t expect the same results since our weight loss programs are personalized. You may actually lose weight in less (or more) time.

A Quick Tour of Our Programs

Private Weight Loss Programs Summary: You’re  ready sign up now? Click here:

  • A FREE one hour evaluation as we find out your fitness goals.
  • 5 to 10 relaxing weight loss sessions depending on your program.
  • All sessions are individual hypnosis inductions tailored to your desire and needs to lose weight.
  • One-on-one weight reduction interaction with a certified hypnotherapist.
  • A complimentary weight loss hypnosis Mp3 download

    Here is a short example of what you can expect when you come to Deeper States for your one on our weight loss programs. You’ll arrive at our office in Cerritos in casual, comfortable clothes. Michael Almaraz will greet you and introduce himself. Michael will then spend a few minutes explaining how hypnosis works, and how the weight loss programs work to help you lose weight.

    Once you’re ready to begin your weight loss program, Michael will have you sit and relax as background music in turned on in your headphones to enhance the relaxation process .

    Within a few minutes you’ll begin to feel relaxed and centered. Michael will be talking to you for the entire session, while you enjoy becoming more relaxed then you most-likely ever have been before.

Group Weight Loss Programs Summary: Ready to sign up? click here:

  • A FREE one hour group evaluation where we find out your personal goals and needs.
  • 5 to 10 relaxing weight loss sessions depending on your program.
  • All sessions are group hypnosis inductions tailored to your desire and needs as a group towards  weight lose.
  • One-on-one weight reduction interaction with a certified hypnotherapist.
  • A complimentary weight loss hypnosis Mp3


While in the relaxed state, Michael will discover the source of your weight issue and begin to focus the program around the fundamental cause of your weight gain. By the end of the session, you’ll not only feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated, but you’ll now subconsciously know what you need to do to lose weight. This is the magic behind the weight loss programs and its what keeps our clients coming back time and time again to reach their goals not only with weight loss but with life..

If you or someone you know might be interested in the weight loss programs offered above, please give us a call at (562) 426-6884 so we may help you setup an appointment.

About Michael Almaraz

Hello, my Name is Michael Almaraz…I am a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who, in the last 14 years, has helped people just like yourself to overcome problems with alcoholism, smoking, addictions, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss, and sexual dysfunction, I have been able to help with Exam preparation for the California bar as well as LSAT, MCAT, GMAT as well as many other educational exams. You may chose to join us for one of our life enrichment programs such as our Visionary Journey or Abundance classes; or perhaps you are up for some past life regression.I have used hypnotherapy as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming combined with life coaching to help my clients not only find where their problems are rooted but also to be able to help my clients cope. We give them the tools to heal and make life long changes that will allow them to start living their life by their own passion and design

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