What is the difference between a panic attack and depression?


Many people have anxiety as well as depression, some people have only anxiety, while others have only depression.

I have had both at the same time, and at times only felt the anxiety. Do you know which you have, if any? I will be covering anxiety in this portion of my blog. Do you know a friend that might be having one or both? I am going to give you useful information that I have been able to collect not only from my own experience but also from working with many of my clients here at Deeper States Mind and Wellness. If I can tell you one thing I did learn while I was going through all of my emotional problems from the passing of my mother, it is that if you have the anxiety and do nothing about it, chances are that it will only get worse and will turn into depression.

I know that some of you reading this right now are saying to yourself, “I wonder if I have had depression or anxiety in my life?” Well, if you are human you more than likely have had one or the other if not both. For most people, it is just a normal cycle of life, when something happens that the brain cannot or does not know how to handle. For instance, the death of a family member or a loss of a job can trigger the emotions which can lead to the following symptoms: for most people the emotional state will come and go and follow the normal cycle of loss or change.

Let me start by saying that for anyone who has experienced one or the other or maybe even both at some time in their lives feels like no one understands what they are going through, and they are right. But you see if the negative emotional state stays with you and seems to just keep building then the problems are not clearing up on their own and that is when you may need to rely on external chemicals known as anti-anxiety or depressions medications. I stand by these one hundred percent as long as you are receiving counseling from a psychologist as well as using a hypnotherapist . This will help you to reach a new place in your life where you can get the mind to work with the body and the body to work with the mind. Now I have a question, will you be on medication for the rest of your life? It really all depends on the client. You see I believe that if the anxiety is being caused by a situation and not a permanent unbalance in chemicals that has been there your whole life you maybe be able to use the medication as well as the therapy to help you get back on track. Then once you are back on track I recommend using a combination of our Relaxation CD as well as our essential Orange oil soap in the a.m. and also our Lavender soap before bed, I created the CD for this type of situation for every time you feel overwhelmed or if your are getting irritated easily. The soap will give you the lift you may need when you are feeling down by triggering the Olfactory system , the calming Lavender soap will help give you that ready to sleep feelings. You see a calm mind can help so many situations including this one.

Lets start with anxiety because as I said before if it goes untreated it may soon become depression.

A classic panic attack will start out with a feeling, could be as small as worrying about whether you locked a door at home before leaving this morning, it could be how work is going to go the next day because you have a new boss and you know they are laying people off to begin with, it may also be as big as losing a parent.

It is interesting how the brain works and how it is so different from person to person, as to how and what it can handle. Sometimes anxiety will affect the body physically by producing a numbness in your hands or even in your arms, once in a while it will be in your legs as well but seems to mostly affect the upper body. It may be a feeling that you just can’t explain, almost like you are having a stroke. It may even be a thought that you just cannot get out of your head which then will make you start to worry about it and think about how you could have done it differently and what the new outcome could have been. You see it is very important to talk to a medical Dr to know what is going on with your body and not just think that it will pass. The earlier you start to deal with this the better your outcome will be for recovering and coping. If you think you maybe having signs of anxiety and possible depression, please feel free to give us a call at (562) 426-6884 or visit us online at www.deeperstate.com/demo Keep in mind, our relaxation CD is a great tool to keep the anxiety levels low and to assist you with every day stress.