Welcome To Virtual Vision 2020 (vision Quest)

by | Sep 8, 2020

I know we are all feeling the challenges of everyday life during a pandemic and economic downturn. 

Do you wake up unmotivated? Are you using this time to be a visonary for your life and  for your future?  Are you just living day by day?  Are you frustrated with your position of your lifestyle right now?

This will be the last date for the year 2021 where I will be doing a virtual vision board for the general public, with that being said, now is the time to get the help you need to launch your life in a forward motion.

This day Will be your opportunity to create a pathway to your future by changing your emotions from I can’t to I have and did! 

You will receive:

1. A Free money attraction MP3 download.

2. One hour of power on Saturday 3/13/2021 1-2 P.m. PST where we  explore and change your mindset of mental blocks that hold you back from  reaching your goals.

3. A white sheet showing you what you need to do to make your dreams a reality.

4. A board you can use virtually on your desktop, phone or print.  if you are a tactile person,  you are welcome to use your own poster board. 3/13/2021@ 1-2 P.M. PST

Keep in mind that as with many things that are a good value in life,  You must take action or you are sure to miss the opportunity to change your life! 

If you are new or you have been part of the Deeper States Mind and Wellness family over the past twenty years, you are already aware of the power of manifestation

If you are joining me for the first time, be prepared for life changes to happen for you after this event! Remember:

“What the mind believes it shall conceive! “

Enjoy the video below of one of our past vision quest participants.


Time left to be a part of our Virtual Vision playshop 2021








Please feel free to send us a message should you have any comments or questions.


Thank you

I look forward to working with you soon. 

Michael Almaraz CHT, NLP, RP


562-426-6884 #1