Self Confidence Trainer (Double CD)

by | Aug 22, 2015

Self Confidence Trainer Double CD pack

CD 1: 1hr 8 mins
CD 2: 1hr 12 mins
Total Running Time: 2hr 20 mins
Price: $ 60.00
Shipping: FREE

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Teach your unconscious mind the habits of self confident people and make self confidence a habit of your own…

The Self Confidence Trainer is a comprehensive 2-CD, 4-session programme that will guide you, step by step, towards greater self-confidence. During the programme you will learn the true essence of confidence, how to think confidently and how to use the strategies of highly confident people.

Each session is packed with tips, techniques and exercises to help you control fear and under-confidence in stressful situations. And, by understanding the 4 keys to confidence, you will perform better at home and at work, enjoy social situations more, boost your confidence for stressful situations and relax in the face of uncertainty; a vital ability in today’s fast paced world.

We really understand about self confidence – if you would like to check us out before buying the Self Confidence Trainer, you might like to try the Self Confidence Booster hypnosis download.

1) The Most Important Factor in Self-Confidence

As you may have noticed in life, naturally confident people are good at emotional preparation for even the most stressful of situations, but the rest of us often need a little help to feel emotionally prepared for whatever happens. And nothing beats the hypnosis sessions you’ll find as you listen to the CD Trainer for this.

These deeply relaxing hypnosis sessions will cause self-confidence to become an automatic habit for you, instead of having to struggle for confidence.

You see, emotional preparation is important because if your emotional state is wrong (too anxious, low energy or self-conscious) all your natural skills go out the window, along with any other preparation you’ve done. Why? Well, simply put, your brain doesn’t work well when you’re not relaxed. And if you’re very anxious, it works very poorly indeed!

And that’s why the Self-Confidence CD Trainer’s hypnotic deep relaxation sessions is a “must have” to banish those under-confident thoughts that always pester you – you know the ones…

  • “I just can’t think of what to say”
  • “My mouth just dries up”
  • “I try to relax, but I just get hot and flustered”
  • “I just get really self-conscious”
  • “I try to think positively, but it doesn’t seem to work”
  • “I don’t feel comfortable speaking to these people”
  • “I don’t know what I’m going to do there”

Because true self-confidence is an effortless habit, these types of thoughts vanish. And when that happens, you’ll be able to direct your freed up energy towards achieving your goals and move farther and farther ahead in life!

2) Automatically Trigger Self Confidence in Difficult Situations

If you feel yourself slipping in a situation, it’s vital to be able to recover quickly. The Self-Confidence CD Trainer Pack uses a proven and tested approach to give you a “confidence trigger,” which can boost your self-confidence almost instantly.

This is extremely useful, especially at first. After a while, you will use your trigger less and less as your self-confidence becomes more natural to you.

3) How to Relax – Whenever You Want

Being able to relax is a lot easier said than done. Yet it’s the most important factor in controlling how you feel, and how you perform in life. Once you know how, it’s easy to relax in virtually any situation. It’s simply a case of knowing how.

After all, even bomb disposal experts can relax on the job!

How? Because they’ve learnt how! The Self-Confidence CD Trainer Pack is perfect for teaching this because it’s different from common school learning. Relaxation is an experience — not facts or figures. And that’s why The Self-Confidence CD Trainer Pack is recommended for those who want to boost their self-confidence quickly and permanently.

4) How to Think Confidently

Also the Self-Confidence CD Trainer Pack will enable you to think like a confident person with perspective changers like:

Why not to compare yourself to others and what to do instead.

How people come across as confident even when they don’t feel that way.

The 4 strongest techniques of confident people. Naturally confident people don’t even think about confidence. Learn how they do it.

The biggest mistake most self-help programs make about self-confidence and self esteem.

And how you can avoid “Self-Help Hell.”

5) A Wealth of Helpful Ideas and New Perspectives

  • Why experiencing confusion when learning or doing something new can be a good sign that you’re on the right path.
  • How to overcome social phobias, once and for all, without drugs.
  • How to take a threatening situation and simply turn it into a challenging situation.
  • Know how to immediately weaken that negative inner voice that sets you up for failure right before a big event.
  • How to use what children do to boost your self-confidence several times over.
  • Know “these” certain things about yourself to feel at ease and look poised in virtually any situation.
  • You’ll know everything necessary to be as self-confident as you want.

And, with your copy of the Self-Confidence CD Trainer Pack, you won’t have to worry about regressing back to experiencing a lack of self-confidence.

Newly Updated

After feedback from our customers, we created the Second Edition of the Trainer. It contains more than the first edition, covers more areas, and includes special ‘summary tracks’.

This is because people said that when they referred back to the Trainer, it was sometimes difficult to find the piece they were looking for. Now you can get the whole picture quickly.

  1. The Confidence-Building Contents of the Trainer…CD 1: 68 minutes, 48 seconds1 Introduction – How The Trainer Builds Your Confidence And Self Esteem
    2 The TEST Model
    • How to assess your confidence readiness for any situation.
    • The four pillars of lasting self-confidence.
    • Why the past doesn’t have to be a guide to the future.
    3 The TEST Model Summary – a quick and easy way to remind yourself of the main points of the preceding section.
    4 Learning confidence quickly
    • Avoiding ‘unseen’ pessimism and negativity.
    5 The 7 Key Skills of Naturally Confident People
    6 7 Key Skills Summary
    7 How to think confidently.
    • 3 major confidence mistakes.
    • Avoiding the pitfalls of positive thinking.
    8 Confidence mistakes summary.
    9 How confident people view the world and how you can do it too – the keystone of confident thinking.
    10 Summary
    11 How to relax when you need to
    • Using visualization and mental rehearsal properly.
    • Hypnotic deep relaxation session to help you have more faith in yourself.

    CD 2: 72 minutes, 27 seconds.

    1 A hypnotic session to give you a reliable trigger for a confidence boost when you need it most.
    2 Performance Patterning – training your brain to help you succeed, not trip up up!
    • Performance Patterning Summary.
    3 Confidence for Stressful Events.
    Quick Tips to use if you feel under confident or anxious.
    • Effective emotional preparation for anxiety provoking situations.
    • A hypnotic session to boost your confidence for upcoming events.
    4 7 Basic Human Needs for good self confidence, self esteem and happiness.
    5 Summary – getting the most out of your Self Confidence Trainer.

As you listen to the CD’s you’ll immediately notice the crystal-clear sound quality, (recorded by a BBC sound engineer) and relax while the program smoothly leads you through a structured path to gently develop your self-confidence.

*** Important note – Please Read ***

The Self Confidence Trainer is not your normal “excite ’em and leave ’em” self improvement program. I’m sure you have the experience of being really hyped after an audio program or book, only to find that a week later nothing has changed?

You’ll soon discover that the Self Confidence Trainer delivers exactly what it promises – solid strategies for improving your self confidence and self esteem in virtually any situation. Plus experiential sessions to make you feel better immediately.

It delivers on our promises by following a comprehensive, tried and tested process.

Thousands of people have bought the CD Trainer with the free course as a ‘complete solution’ to their confidence and self esteem problems. Their feedback is what makes my job worthwhile…

A sample of what customers have said after buying the self Confidence Trainer
“…a life changing experience…”

The next few weeks can be a real turn around in your self-confidence levels. With the Self-Confidence CD Trainer Pack and the free course you’ll ‘cover all bases’ for improved self-confidence.

Whether you are looking for general self-confidence, or confidence for particular situations such as social events, relationships, work, interviews, or public speaking…

The feeling that “whatever happens, I’ll be OK”, is a wonderful one. It makes your life expand and frees up extra energy.

Order the Self Confidence Trainer now and within a few days you will be experiencing the amazing effects that thousands of others have enjoyed over the last 5 years…