Insomnia Cure (Double CD)

$ 60.00

Cure insomnia for good with this double CD program.


Insomnia Cure
$ 60.00

CD 1: 49 mins
CD 2: 1hr 7 mins
Total Running Time: 1hr 56 mins
Price: $ 60.00
Shipping: FREE

Insomnia can affect every aspect of your life. The tiredness it brings reduces your ability to think clearly, makes decision-making difficult and leads to irritability and short-temper.

And those are only the most obvious effects. Recent research showed that even losing only 2 hours of sleep a night impacts the immune system by lowering the activity of natural killer cells (disease fighters) by up to 20%!

To make it worse, once sleep is disrupted it often stays that way because lack of sleep feeds worrying and worrying stops you from sleeping.

So what can be done?

How hypnosis helps cure insomnia

Fortunately, there is a natural and side-effect free way of curing your insomnia.

Hypnosis relaxes you deeply, which is exactly what you need for your body and mind to ‘tip over’ into sleep.

Additionally, hypnosis is excellent for stopping the ‘chattering mind’ that plagues so many insomniacs.

About the Deep Sleep Program

The Deep Sleep Program is a groundbreaking double CD pack created by the directors of Uncommon Knowledge, Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell. Mark and Roger are both highly experienced hypnotherapists and psychology trainers.

They have poured all of their extensive knowledge about curing insomnia into the Deep Sleep Program, creating a highly effective treatment for those needing help.

Your Free Power Naps CD

The Peaceful Moments ‘Power Naps’ CD contains four relaxation sessions from Hypnosis Downloads.  Using it during the day, or before bed, has two major effects:

1) Regular relaxation during the day helps ‘reset’ your natural relaxation response, making sleep easier
2) Deep relaxation can claim back some of the benefits you are missing due to lack of sleep.

Try It With No Risk

We think that The Deep Sleep Program will make you feel so much better so quickly, we want you to be able to try it out with no risk. If for any reason you find it less effective than you had hoped, we wouldn’t want you to feel bad about having bought it. That’s why we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. We have seen in our clinic how amazed and delighted people are when they cure their insomnia – we’d like you to have that chance too.

There is absolutely no need to carry on suffering with insomnia. We guarantee that the tiredness, the irritability, the awful night-time loneliness can be a thing of the past. Get the Deep Sleep Program today and you’ll experience what we mean.