Feel Good About Yourself (CD)

$ 49.95

The Feel Good About Yourself CD contains 3 specially selected hypnosis sessions.


5 carefully selected audio downloads to gently change your unconscious attitudes to yourself.

Feel Good About Yourself

Sometimes we feel plain lousy, like nothing is going our way or worth the effort. This is normal if it happens now and again, but if you feel this way frequently and for long periods, life really will be lousy as you become trapped in the vicious circle of feeling more and more worthless and lose the energy to do things that help you feel good about yourself.

Break the circle of feeling bad about yourself with relaxing, re-juvenating hypnosis

The Feel Good About Yourself bundle contains 5 specially selected hypnosis sessions to help you improve your opinion of yourself and give you more faith in your abilities. Used in conjunction, these 5 downloads will make a profound difference to how you feel day to day.