Bath Bombs (Fizzy Pleasures)

by | Oct 16, 2021

Our Bath Bombs are a great way to take yourself to another world! To a place where all the stress of the day from work, kids, or just needing a spa day and not being able to get away to book one.

The Color of your bath bomb matches your scent

Our Bath Bombs are made to be fizzy and fragrant.

(Pink Rose) The true smell you get when you put your nose to a rose and take that first whiff of summer: Rose essential oil

Blue Winters Mend:  (Blue) Spearmint, Tea tree, Wintergreen, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus, and Arnica.

Pumpkin:  (Orange) which provides a very clean fragrance.

Purple Lavender: Lavender essential oil: This ball will give you a spa treatment without leaving home. Lavender fields forever.

Mellow Yellow: Ylang Ylang: sure to make you feel relaxed and help you destress from busy city life.