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Are you having stress and anxiety? Did you know the way you think about the world and external emotions can keep your body and mind from healing. ?

This particular hypnosismp3 has been created as a tool that can be used by all who find themselves having trouble sleeping and feel stressed out by everyday life. Outside of making you feel more relaxed and centered, the Ultra Deep Relaxation hypnosis mp3 are a great way to fall into a deep sleep or to take a few minutes to rejuvenate your self. All of our CDs use relaxation as a way to help you get into a state where your mind will listen to the various messages we send out. This volume focusses specifically on stress reduction and relaxation for those can’t relax. Whether you are a Type A Personality, over-worked, or just strung out from work-life balance issues, our relaxation CD is the first step to getting back to a point where you are relaxed and confident again.


Weight gain has so many emotional connections that become baggage.


Did you know that so many people try to lose weight with out dealing with what is really going on in their unconscious mind. You would not believe how many clients come to me looking to lose weight and tell me “I was always fat as a kid, my mom and dad would feed me to make me stop crying and to feel better.” well the crying was because of the true emotion that was not being dealt with. Then this became the minds way to feel better.

Well this Mp3 will give you the opportunity to pic a weight loss program of your choice and to start neutralizing those negative emotions to releasing fat. What is very Interesting is that many of those emotions you hold can be cause by people saying things to you that they thought would help you lose weight like, “You are such a great looking person, you should just loose a few pounds to be healthy and look your best”



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We are in a time where if you are needing to make changes in your personal or business life You must take action now.  I realized at the start of all this that I as well as you have so much potential! We have the same potential we had before Covid19, before all the riots, even before the fires. You must pivot your business and personal life to be a leader and not the follower. You see during difficult times some people will rise like the phoenix others will wait to fly.

with this program I will hold your hand via our remote sessions using our proprietary online system as we navigate you to a new blended business or a calmer life with a true purpose.

I will help you not only mentaly but emotionally reach a new understanding of what your potential is as well implement new ideas and ways to help you create the life you desire. This program is for the first time ever being offered.

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