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For More Info. Call (562) 426-6884  |


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Featured Product #248 Soap of the Month Club Are you a handmade soap fanatic or know someone who is? Here is your chance to pamper yourself or a loved one all year round.Soap of the Month Club members will receive two handmade bar of soap shipped directly to them each month. A variety of soaps will be sent, and shipping is included in the price of the club. Choose from the six month plan, or the full year. As a BONUS, with the first shipment of soap, we will include a free bar of Bastille pure olive oil soap.

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Watch the video and learn how soap is made. I made this video when I was pouring Tea Tree Oil Soap.
This video will help you understand the process, as well as the ingredients that go into our handcrafted bars.
This video will help you understand why are soap cleans your skin while still being gentle to your face and body.
I make sure I take my time with all my products and make sure they are done right as well as with love and care.
Owner of Deeper States Mind and Wellness.
Michael Almaraz