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Weight-Loss Through Hypnosis?

Being in this business as I long as I have, you get used to the skeptics. But there is no greater joy then to have a skeptic come in for treatment and walk out feeling thinner, happier, and having more energy and enthusiasm then they did before they became believers.

After the first time you listen to the weight-loss hypnosis CD you’ll feel more relaxed, your cravings will begin to diminish, and the tingle of change may make the hair on your neck stand up because there will be a renewed change in attitude.

The testimonials from my clients prove that they believe in the healing power of this weight-loss hypnosis CD. For the small cost of this invaluable CD, you could save thousands on expensive weight-loss programs and special diets.

Why wait? Purchase your weight-loss hypnosis CD copy today!

Sugar Free Hypnosis CD

Weight Control Hypnosis CD

Weight Loss Combo

Order both the Weight Loss CD and the Sugar Free CD at a special price.

Price: $35.90


Sugar Free Hypnosis CD
Sugar Free CD

This CD has been created to help those Individuals who are finding that they have lost control and are craving sugars. Many clients in my clinical practice have found that with emotion changes some times they are drawn to craving sweets to cover up the emotions that they may be suppressing. This CD is used in my office when a client needs to regain control from eating sugars and in many cases it has been found to reduce some times even eliminate that unwanted desire this may be just what your brain is needing for the change you need to see yourself being sugar free. Now this great tool can be yours as well.

Price: $29.90


Weight Control Hypnosis CD

Hynosis Sample

Weight Loss CD

Our hypnosis CDs have been created to aid in the process of losing and maintaining a confortable weight. Have you tried diets? Have you lost weight only to gain it back again? Diets don’t work because they do not change the way you think. The Weight Control Modification Program will reprogram you to reach your natural body weight effortlessly and effectively. Lose inches, pounds and look great! Works While you sleep! This is our most-popular hypnosis cd.

Price: $29.90