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As your Year moves forward, Do you find you are not reaching your goals and desires that you had set for yourself to accomplish into the new year. Micheal’s Rock Your Vision 2016 Summit is intended to equip you with the tools necessary to achieve your goals for the New life you deserve.

Successful goal-setting begins with identifying your vision. This workshop will propel you further by teaching you how to specify and name your vision, allowing you to transform your ideas into reality. (Rocking into the New Year) Day one, Michael will motivate you and pump you up as he sets a mental as well as physical image of what empowerment is needed and as well as what success should look like in order to reach your next level of potential.

On day two (Visionary Journey Board Workshop), you will have the opportunity to create your own vision board, designed to help you identify, specify, and manifest your goals. The act of simply naming your goals and making them visible acts as a crucial stepping stone towards meaningful action.

When you add in a mind mix of hypnotic trance and N.L.P. the true magic begins! So in addition to creating your board which is your visual path for the new year. Michael will be helping you to create your goals neurologically. Remember; if you feel it, believe it, and visualize it, your mind will achieve it.

Michael will employ hypnosis and N.L.P. techniques designed to help you tap into your unconscious and access a consistent drive to pursue your dreams and bring your vision to fruition. Discover the power of intent and move forward through your life with drive and conviction. This course will help you create a clear road map to a successful and abundant you.

Please keep in minds are classes are non refundable, non transferable due to room reservations.

Tickets are no longer available.