Old Time Barber shop shave soap


This soap has the fragrance of the old fashion barber shop shave soaps, only this one is super charged. It is full of lather and has Calcium bentonite clay which is said to be mother natures pharmacy for the skin, it is volcanic ash with all the impurity’s burned out leaving only pure trance minerals. Clay is an nano crystal of charged energy created by the volcano and mother nature, it cant not be duplicated in any laboratory. This soap also has a hint of raw silk to help your razor glide with the contour of your skin as they clay tightens the skin while Aloe Vera gel helps sooth and heal the skin. The clay in this soap is said to have healing power and is able to suck toxins from the skin while helping to soften your skin. Once you start using this soap you will find that the rest just wont do.

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Ingredients:  Aloe Vera gel, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm Kernel oil, Castro oil, Calcium bentonite clay, Raw silk, sodium hydroxide,  F.d.a colors, fragrance            3.9-4oz



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Weight3.4-4 oz
Dimensions3.5 x 2.5 x 1 in