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Keys to reaching the new you:


Well it is a new year, is it a new you as well? We have now entered 2014 and I have a question for everyone. Who all made a New Year resolution? I’m positive everyone will answer yes, but how many of you actually plan to achieve that resolution. Based on statistics, a good percentage of the people who made a resolution for the New Year, whether its weight loss, get a job, or something that you’ve wanted to attain, will not follow through with the course of the year.  According to Psychology Today, the average person will stay on top of their resolution for the first two weeks of January, but once February rolls around people start to stray away and progress turns into retrogression.  We here at Deeper States offer a way to make sure you achieve what you want for the New Year while having fun, and meeting people who have the same desire to achieve.  A few ways to stay on track with your eating, is to change the way you eat. Instead of doing a crash diet, which is unhealthy for your body is to use a smaller plate.  It will make you feel as if you get full much faster even though you had a smaller portion.  Another common resolution is to save money for that nice vacation. In order to do that, I’ve found that a great way to save money is to start an auto-deposit in to an account you do not have easy access to.


I have found through past experiences that being a therapist and coaching different clients, is that setting a foundation of daily personal goals is a much better way to reach and achieve higher levels of success every day. This tool is extremely helpful because it aids as a road map so it is not so daunting, and it makes reaching your goals easier.




Hypnotically yours,


Michael Almaraz CHT, NLP, RP


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Hello, my Name is Michael Almaraz…I am a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who, in the last 14 years, has helped people just like yourself to overcome problems with alcoholism, smoking, addictions, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss, and sexual dysfunction, I have been able to help with Exam preparation for the California bar as well as LSAT, MCAT, GMAT as well as many other educational exams. You may chose to join us for one of our life enrichment programs such as our Visionary Journey or Abundance classes; or perhaps you are up for some past life regression.I have used hypnotherapy as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming combined with life coaching to help my clients not only find where their problems are rooted but also to be able to help my clients cope. We give them the tools to heal and make life long changes that will allow them to start living their life by their own passion and design

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