Addiction Recovery

Be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, gaming, sex, or any other type of addiction, Deeper States Hypnotherapy can help. Our certified hypnotherapist are trained in addiction recovery through hypnosis.

Our recovery program is broken down into short sessions where you’ll be put into a state of relaxation. Addiction Recovery begins as we guide you through your thoughts to help you discover the way out of your addiction. Within one to two sessions you should already feel a resistance to your addiction, as well as see an improvement in energy and focus.

To book your one on one addiction recovery session or to get more information, please call us at (562) 426-6884.

Addiction is not something that will go away without help. Some people don’t even realize they have an addiction until they are confronted. If you, a friend, or a family member come face to face with addiction and are in need of an effective recovery program, don’t wait another day, call one of our certified hypnotherapists and enroll in our Addiction Recovery program as soon as possible.

Addiction Recovery Tips

Here are a few tips that may help you on your road to recovery. Contact us for more ideas or to book a one-hour session.

Open up to someone about your concern
Find a non-harmful substitute (ie: grape juice or carrots)
Join a group (most are anonymous, like AA & NA
Come to terms with your addiction and research solutions
Talk to other people who know recovered from addiction

Hypnosis and Addiction

Recovery is never quick-fix solution. In fact for some people recovery takes the course of their natural lives (depending on the addiction). Treatment for addiction should be on a continuum until the addict feels confident about their state with no fears of relapsing.

There are two main differences between treating addiction with hypnosis and other treatments. The obvious is with hypnosis you’re free to continue living life as usual; we won’t lock you up or drug you. The second is cost. The cost for our addiction recovery sessions is extremely affordable compared to institutions and private addiction counselors.


Deeper States hypnotherapy is a legal alternative/complimentary Healthcare Provider: not a licensed physician. Their Self – regulated holistic treatments and specialties do not require state licensing and their clients-centered disciplines, philosophy, education, experience & certification allow them to assess, advise & assist.